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Oasia Hotel Downtown ~ April 2017 | Chapter 242

IT has been a long while since I last posted! While life has gotten pretty busy for me, I have no complaints. My initial plan of having at least 2 chapters posted every month seems slightly hard to attain nowadays but when there is playtime, I know I have to share it. This chapter might not be as detailed as previous times but at least I'm making an effort to show that this blog is still active from time to time. So here we go ...


As a post celebration for Hubby for accomplishing several tough work projects, we went on to book a staycation with Oasia Downtown hotel, one of the newer hotels under the umbrella of Far East Hospitality. Leaves and twigs decorates the facade of the hotel and naturally linked our thoughts to being green and eco-themed. We were glad to have booked this stay during its flash sale period and thus, managed to secure a club room at below SGD300.

Here's a short clip showing our room and the club floor with its own private pool.

Oasia Hotel Downtown ~ April 2017 from lingandyang inspired on Vimeo.

 After checking in, we explored the surrounding hoping to chance upon any hidden gems. Coincidentally, one of my our favourite Ramen places is just around the corner and that made us gave up our food hunt mission easily.

Located at 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Hakata Ikkousha Ramen used to be part of the Ramen Champion at Bugis+. Since then, its thin noodle in creamy-white broth had been calling me in my dream. Although, what really caught lame hubby's attention is its free-flow hard-boiled eggs.

A satisfying lunch did not keep us from going for the complimentary evening cocktail at its club lounge. Even though it was meant to be light bites and refreshments, the mini burgers, various tapas and free-flow juice kept us full enough to skip dinner. 

Oasia 2

The club level, which also has its own private pool for the club guests, is an airy, open-spaced area that is perfect for chilling with a glass of juice while you people-watch and wonder why is there no one in the pool but yet all the pool chairs are full.

  Oasia 2

 The tiny 'houses' by the pool also make it extremely easy to fall asleep and had you forget why are you in your swimwear in the first place.

Oasia 2

On top of all these, the great service we received was a nice conclusion to the stay and we are convinced that it could be one of the best staycations we have so far.


回忆 2016 | Chapter 241


今天是2016 的最后一天。人到中年,感觉一年一年就这样在忙碌与发呆中闪过。有时,会感到害怕。是不是再忙一下,再呆一下,就已两脚进。。。。 唉,choi choi choi!







Travel 2

Travel 2




BFF 也不用多,1,2个就够。庆幸我有几个闺蜜整天被我缠也不嫌我烦。 这几年,我也逐渐和一些亲戚越来越熟络了,感觉真的很棒!从前,我被某人拖下水,变成anti-social。后来青年时,和cousins们也好像没什么话题,阿姨舅舅更不用说。现在,应该是因为我已被“auntified”, 与亲戚们的距离近了许多。在Whatapps 上设立个Group Chat, 有事没事就聊东聊西,感觉很不错,大家都很casual, 也没有所谓长幼之分。 期待新的一年,大家感情你浓我浓!

Family friends


事业这一环,对我来说,始终是个梗。虽然我成立自己的翻译事业没有很久,至今也没有特别显著的成就,不过也有些许进步,还算过得去。今年年中,我也有个小小的Feature, 让我自己开心一下。虽然有些朋友被蒙到了,多年没消息还特地发简讯来说想约见面,但真的这不是什么神气的事啦。


另外,我终于也有机会出现在Tripzilla!以前,总希望可以让更多人接触到我的文字,也投稿过,但都没被受领。终于这次有人士肯接纳了!算是皇天不负有心人!这并没有稿费的hor, 不过可以share 一下我的旅游经历,是我真的很喜欢的一件事。来来来,支持一下我在Tripzilla 上的文章


 2017,期待更多美好!Happy New Year!


Calla Spa ~ Dining in Spa | Chapter 240

CONTRARY to many friends around me who find spa and massage revitalizing and a luxurious escapade much needed in their hectic work life, I am not one who knows how to appreciate such enjoyment though I jolly well know it is something meant to relax our minds and souls. Truthfully, I find massage ticklish and even fear the potential danger I could impose on the unwary therapist if she happens to push a wrong button. But I wouldn't mind dipping in some hot pools though or breathing humid air in the steam room.

October came quickly this year and I pondered where would be a thumbs-up place to bring my favourite man for his birthday. Food will always be the key factor for foodies like us but it will be good if there is some fun in it too. Coincidentally, Cherry pal shared a write-up with me about a few spas that feature in-house dining and hey, that woke me up! Among the few recommended lifestyle hubs, Calla Spa is the most 'atas' in terms of pricing but it is also equally 'atas' in the food category which enticed me to quickly decide on it.

There are three different types of spa entrance rates that come with different entitlement of facilities' usage duration and food menu. Non-members like us will only have the most expensive option priced at SGD98 per guest, which allows us to have full day unlimited usage of their facilities and free flow of all food items (except for special dishes) in their in-house bistro. FREE FLOW FOOD! Yes, maybe the spa will regret having this option after we patronize. Heh heh! It is not a must to book their other treatments though it seems to be quite uncommon for people to just gain admission to a spa without giving a try of their massages or facials. I would have to shyly admit that we just want to eat and chill whole day.

We were hoping that the spa would not be as crowded on a Monday and true enough, the place was empty and this was almost the case throughout our entire stay there which had us imagining we had the whole place booked.Ho-ho! Once hubby and I reached, we were ushered to separate dressing rooms and it looked like this on the ladies side. Neat columns of lockers lined up in a semi-circle and are locked and unlocked through a rubber wristband that was given to us.


A few makeup corners are set up where amenities like combs and hairdryers are provided.


The dressing room links directly to the hot Jacuzzi pool, shower rooms, steam room and the sauna room and it was "wow" at first sight when I thought this must be where 小龙女 (Xiaolongnü in The Return of the Condor Heroes) was trapped for 16 years and could only eat fruits and engraved words on bees' wings for past time. Lighting, wallpaper, fake leaves and the furnishing blended to create a mini paradise and no doubt such visual illusion did set an amazing mood for whatever relaxation you are looking forward to enjoy.


We reached before noon and thought we should check out their bistro first to have some light lunch. Ok, maybe not so light. I changed into the comfortable spa wear they provided and headed over. Excited hubby was already well-prepared to pounce on his first 'attack'!


The menu listed all the food and beverages that we can ordered as many time we wanted except for the special dishes where we can only ordered once per guest. Not a problem to us. Having to enjoy free flow of the rest of the menu was enough to make us smile the whole day.




To set you in a pure relaxing mood, the whole was dimly lighted so it was not easy for my Sony Z5 to capture a good picture. Nevertheless, the below perhaps still managed to capture the relaxing ambience they intend to create, especially with their wavy ceiling.


Now, let's start eating! We didn't want the lunch to be too filling so we shared the Beef Fillet, the first special dish, and had some soup and appetizers. Hubby simply loved their Soft Shell Crab Salad and I like how cute and tiny their teapot is.

Thinking how good it will be to have the Jacuzzi all to ourselves, we did not spend much time during our first round of eating and instead, hopped back to our own sanctuary to enjoy a dip while it was still exclusive to us. Indeed, I was the only one throughout my Jacuzzi-steam room- sauna cycle on repeat mode! Hubby, on the other hand, had a middle-age Mister joining him in the pool, but did I mention gentlemen have 3 pools to enjoy while ladies only have 1?

After an hour of faking the life of a rich Tai Tai and enjoying the hot tub as if I do this everyday, I met Hubby back at the bistro to have a 'tea-break'. This time round, we had the Carbonara Classic and Stew Beef and of course another set of soup and dessert while Hubby continued munching his second Soft Shell Crab.

We checked out the relaxing lounge after the more-than-filling tea time and spent the next few hours alternating between movie watching and dozing off on the super comfy lounge chair. Ladies will be delighted to know there are 2 lounges and one of them is reserved for ladies only so sleep or chill as you like with that sense of security.

Soon it was closed to evening and we thought we should just settle our dinner there as well. As the whole place was empty which made us easily recognizable, I was slightly embarrassed so I texted Hubby to ask should we be leaving, only to find out he was already at the bistro smiling widely. Shyly, I joined him at the table again and I was glad I didn't give up my last meal there because their Tai O Seafood Vermicelli (our second special dish) simply hit the spot for me. I was reluctant to try it at first, thinking it could be bland and that it is quite a common dish, but the unassuming vermicelli managed to soak up all the essence of the broth and yet it doesn't break easily like it was over-cooked. Meanwhile, hubby was starting on his Soft Shell Crab again.


By the end of the day, I felt guilty for making my stomach worked harder while my mind went chilling but I also realized that having free flow concept for fine dining is possible (and dangerous!). Foodies, you know where to go now and the best part is you can add on treatment and massage away your fats on the spot! As my title suggested, this is a post with dining as the main interest so don't be surprised that we do not try out their treatments. :P


  • For ladies who do not often visit spas like me, Calla Spa provides disposable bra and panties or you may also bring your own bikini or swimsuit.
  • For an extra feel of exclusiveness and extravagance, visit on a weekday!


Gold Coast 海。陆。空 ~ August 2016 | Chapter 239

EARLIER in March this year, we followed a group tour to Europe which was a rather tiring trip with plenty of travelling on the road each day. Once we were back, my heart once again filled with unknown voracity and ached for another trip almost instantly. This time, I was determined to make it a relaxing trip with no restrains, even the tiniest, at all. Coincidentally, SQ launched its airfare promotion when we were still busy unpacking the luggage and shortly after, we knew we will be going to Gold Coast in a few months.

Hubby had been to Gold Coast when he was little while I will be a first-timer since my parents have never been keen on travelling even until now. Contrary to most people's thinking that Gold Coast is for the young ones with its famous theme parks, I would love to think that the sunshine city has plenty to offer to mature kids like me! And I was right after all. :) This trip was one of the best that we had experienced and we managed to conquer Gold Coast from all three aspects - 海 (the sea), 陆 (the land), 空(the air).



Gold Coast offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxurious hotel skyscrapers with million-dollar views to backpacker hostels that suit most budgets. Since my utmost priority is to ditch all rushing about, that would mean no changing of accommodation in this one-week stay so that time need not be spent checking in and out. This would also mean a fairly good accommodation that isn't squeezy (at least) will be much needed. After much googling, we decided to go for Meriton Serviced Apartment, Southport which seems to receive as much positive reviews as its highly sought-after sibling in Broadbeach.

Located in a relatively quieter district along Aqua Street, Meriton Southport is away from all the hustle and bustle of the popular Surfers Paradise, yet if we want to, we could also easily reach there by tram in just a few minutes. Nestled among many other residential apartments and homes to locals, there are quite a few food choices within reach and of course, there won't be any moment of loneliness and insecurity at all. Perfect!

Just opposite Meriton Southport is its latest new family member, Meriton Sundale, a 55-level residential tower which will be opening soon. Sundale, being the new kid on the block, also boosts some restaurants and an express version of Woolsworth supermarket which benefits all those staying around, including us!


Our first time staying in a serviced apartment on a holiday and we could barely hide our joy as we somersaulted across the spacious room and whipped up meals in their small but well-equipped kitchen. The one-bedroom apartment also includes a tiny yard with washer and dryer so go ahead and wash your clothes so that you don't have to come back with a pile of dirty laundry waiting for you. Check out our lovely apartment for that week.




Our first activity in Gold Coast started with a whale watch tour with Sea World. Besides Sea World, there are a few other Whale Watch companies that bring you out to the open water where over 15,000 whales will mingle and rest as they migrate each year between June and October. We decided on Sea World because their vessel "Spirit of Migloo" is generally larger than most other whale-watching ships which meant that it is supposed to be more stable in the open sea where waves can be quite huge and unpredictable. Also, if we purchase their combo tickets, we can also gain entry to Sea World with just an additional of AUD$11 each (yes, Sea World and Sea World Whale Watch are beside each other and one do not need to enter Sea World for the Whale Whale tour). Book your combo tickets here.


We were the earliest to reach and we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate as we watched the crew getting the vessel ready for its first tour of the day.


Indeed, just like what we had seen before in the picture, "Spirit of Migloo" was sparkling clean as we boarded it and there are three viewing decks to ensure passengers can spread out and enjoy personal space even when one or two humpbacks decided to make appearances. Many of us rushed to the top deck to 'chope' a good seat but there is actually no need for that as just 10 minutes after heading out, we were all required to make our way down to the indoor deck as this is one of their safety requirements as we approached open sea.


"when seasickness kicks in.."

If you are wondering about the possibility of seasickness, it is definitely of a high percentage especially if the water is choppy that day. That was what happened to me and many other passengers because the waves, as told by our guide, was about one to two meter high and I finally understood what 'rocky road' means. The whole tour was 2.5 to 3 hours and we were barely 30 minutes out there and only caught a glimpse of the tail of a whale before I started to feel sick in my stomach. 

The churning feeling of my poor stomach forced me to retreat back to the indoor deck, away from the strong wind and the sensation an out-of-control rocking chair can give. We were told to stay at the back of the vessel at the lower deck if we were feeling unwell as that part of the ship is usually more stable. I never know I can get seasick but I do believe one with a weak stomach may be more prone to getting it so I am surely an easy target. As I used my determination to curb the nauseous feeling that threatened to dirty the carpet of the indoor deck anytime, I noticed that I was not alone. From men to women, children to adults, people rushed in to take paper bags and as Hubby checked on me, he also provided 'regular live reports' on the latest 'situation'. The crew members were extremely attentive to all of us, checking on those unwell ones (including me) and making sure that if we wanted to throw up, at least we do not execute the action on their carpet (ok I'm just joking).

So as those strong-stomach passengers made their way around the vessels and making "ooooh-s" and "wow-s" as if the mammals just talked, I hypnotized myself into thinking I was fine and not going to throw up my breakfast by sniffing peppermint oil every 5 seconds and pressing my Neiguan acupoint (a last minute acupuncture relief I googled on the ship) to fight the seasickness.  But all was not lost because the whales, a total of five of them at one time, circled around the ship and many times, they poked about 10% of their body out of the water at where I was sitting. So it was fortunate, that amidst all my internal chaos, I still get to witness these magnificent creatures.

Of course, with my condition, there was no way for me to photograph or video anything. But then here it was, a picture taken by the professional staff onboard on the day of our tour while I was somewhere in a corner practising acupuncture.




  • If you are uncertain whether you will suffer from seasickness, do take precaution first so that you will not let those unwanted sensations disturb your time with the whales.
  • There is no need to "chope" a good seat when you just board the ship as you will soon need to be in the indoor deck when the ship approaches open water.
  • If you start to feel unwell, stay at the lower deck and at the back of the ship. Most importantly, stay away from those who are throwing up as seeing people vomiting only makes you want to 'join in' when you are already busy fighting the urge.



As we returned from our whale watch tour, my stomach got better and we went on with our plan to visit Sea World.

It was a beautiful scene the moment we entered into the theme park - visitors chilling on the grass, eating their fries as the water show performed right in front of them. The view looked a bit like in the 90s but it was no less captivating. By then, my stomach had fully recovered and was asking to be fed.


The weather was perfect at about 18 degrees with plenty of sunlight and eating ice-cream without any rush was just as comforting.




Our "Air" (空) element of this trip lies in this short but super memorable helicopter ride with Gold Coast Helitour.There are a few scenic flights to choose from - from the shortest 5 min flight where you most probably complete your flight before you got your seat belt on to the longest 45 minute flight. I believed the 10 minute flight which we had opted for is the most popular one as this is one option that (tries to) strikes a balance between enjoyment and the thinning feeling on your wallet. heh!

We pre-booked the tour online and the check-in procedure was quick and straight-forward. Before we started on the flight, we were shown a safety video and life jackets in the form of a pouch were also worn on us. We won't get the chance to take selfies in front of the helicopter but the staff will do that for you. After which you can choose to buy that precious photo (or not :P).


 Here's how Gold Coast looks like from the top!


  • You will get to keep your bags in their lockers so don't forget to bring along your camera or phone if you want to capture those lovely views from the top and keep them forever!



Many years before when we visited Melbourne, one of the biggest regrets we had is not having the opportunity to get up-close with Koalas. We went to a conservatory where Koalas were hiding high up in trees and we almost sprained our necks just trying to catch a glimpse of them. Needless to say, we didn't get to hold them or rub my fingers on their soft fur. This time, we made it a point to clear those regrets and planned a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Santuary.

We pre-booked the entry tickets online and were lucky to get their Wild Deal general admission ticket at AUD$29 per person (usual price AUD$49.95).


Upon reaching the sanctuary, I frantically searched for the sight of koalas like they were my lost children and just near the entrance is where the Koala Photo Booth stationed. Even on a Sunday, the home to many animals was rather quiet without tourist crowds which was much to my relief. The Koala Photo Booth presented no queue at all and we hurried over to pay for the photo before we were greeted by a sleepy furball.


 "happiness in the form of a furry sleepyhead.."

The lady guide let us touched its fur before handing the rather heavy national treasure over to me. I took a quick sniff of its head and it smelled of dusty carpet ... heh heh .... not too pleasant of a smell but it was still as therapeutic.

The sanctuary is not of too large a scale and a half day visit should be quite sufficient. There are many animal shows and also opportunities to interact with kangaroos that seem to prefer chilling out than hopping around.


  • Check out their Wild Deals before buying the tickets and you may get to save quite a bit.
  • If you are staying at Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach, there are some companies that offer transfer service to CWS with a rate at approximately AUD$20+ per person. Check out the information here and you can request your hotel to book the transfer for you. Alternatively, if you stay elsewhere like us where transfer services do not include our area, it is still not too hard to travel to CWS by yourself. From Southport to CWS, the journey is about an hour.

1- Take Tram (towards Broadbeach South station), alight at Broadbeach South station (last station), cross over to Bus Stop (they are at the same place)
2- Transfer to bus 700 (34 stops) , Click here to see actual route


Having experienced Gold Coast by Sea and Air, we thought horse-riding sounds like a nice way to explore the hinterland while completing the "Land" (陆) part. Having no prior experience in riding a horse, it was not an easy task to find a tour that offers horse-riding to beginners but Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails is one of them, if not the only one, that welcomes inexperienced riders. Besides horse-riding, Numinbah also offers camping and some other activities in the beautiful wild. Although there were mixed reviews about Numinbah, we went ahead with it and did not regret at all. We booked the 2-hour horse riding tour with them just 2 days ago through our hotel Meriton and it was a breeze! Meriton helped us booked the tour including the transfer service and we can even pay the tour through them. My love for them is once again strengthened. :P

It was, however, quite a long journey from Meriton to Numinbah and took over an hour. If you are not driving, then the transfer service would be essential as going there by public transport did not seem any easy. When we finally reached, we were served tea and bread first, probably because the next 2 hours proved to be energy straining. I was excited to start and did not eat much. 


Our lady guide started assigning us horses that suit our abilities, although I do not think hubby and I have any to speak of. There were 9 of us that day and I finally got assigned with "MaCloud" girl and hubby got his "Puddles" boy. All the horses were tame and well-behaved, although my MaCloud girl did seem a bit slower, not to mention that she likes to poo and pee a lot and also often stopping by to take a sip at the river. But still, she managed to keep me safe and sound throughout by not galloping into the wild or jumping off the cliff with the signature pose. Hubby and I do reminded ourselves though not to say "驾" as this word seems to be the trigger that sends horses dashing off in those Chinese dramas. Anyway, that did not happen because we believe Australian horses wouldn't understand Chinese. By right :P


We were soon all saddled and ready to go! Quite to my surprise, the only instruction given to us was how to make the horses "go", "stop" "turn left" and "turn right". Tada! and that was it, you are ready to ride ON YOUR OWN! Yes, there were two guides with us throughout but you will be the only one the horse will listen to so be careful what signal you give him/her. Heh Heh, talking about the free spirit of Australians and I'm also starting to love their independent way of teaching already!

Fortunately, all the horses were well-trained and I did not have to do much other than trying hard to balance myself - definitely more effective and authentic than Osim iGallop. But that was before the trainers spontaneously asked us to trot. TROT! Once the first horse started trotting, you can do nothing and the horses behind will just follow suit. And that was when I had to hang on to my dear life as I felt I will be thrown off anytime.


After going through hills and slopes, streams and farms, we approached the end of the challenging 2-hours. Despite having aching butts that lasted a week, hubby and I strangely missed the mild thrill of horse-riding in the wild. Maybe some days we will really gallop along the seaside like professionals. :D


  • It is a must to wear long pants and covered shoes.
  • If you are not driving, request for their pickup/return service at only AUD$10 per person and save your energy for the horse ride.
  • Bags and bulky items are not to be carried along so to be safe, hang your camera or phone around your neck and if you manage to ride with only one hand on the rein, you still have the chance to take some pictures of the horse in front of you (not your horse). At least you won't have to worry about dropping your phone because the guide did mention that they won't stop to pick up anything. With that, try not to fall off from the horse too.



Shopping is not the key factor of this trip but nevertheless, it shouldn't be left out entirely so we kept a day for it. Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre reminded us of Japan's Chitose shopping mall we visited years ago with its open concept shopping space filled with rows and rows of endless stores. I'm especially drawn to such shopping experience since this is highly impossible to find in our hot and humid island.


  " in the breezy sunshine.."

Lunch time came and this Ispa Kebabs successfully reminded me of my hidden craving for kebabs! Food serving can be quite generous in Gold Coast and small eaters like me can save your wallet a bit by sharing food.


Plus you get to eat more often and hence try more variety since you never attempt to eat till your maximum capacity. Try the Churro and hot chocolate in between your lunch and next hunt for that pair of boots.



  • If you are a tourist, make their Tourism Lounge your first stop of your shopping trip. Besides providing a discount card for tourist, they also offer complimentary refreshments, wifi etc.
    Check out here.
  • Free shuttle service is provided to those staying at Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. See here for details.



I guess any trip to Gold Coast will not be complete without a visit to their iconic Surfers Paradise so kick off your shoes and soak your feet in the sand or play catching with the waves.




Nightfall happens early here even before 6pm but the coast looks even more stunning in the rapidly darkening sky.


Turn your head the other way and the hippest precinct is just right there.


Hubby found this Ben's Fish and Chips on google map before we came to Gold Coast and couldn't stop talking about it since then. We fulfilled his dream and found this Billy Bombers lookalike (minus the jukebox) store with black and white tiles, just opposite the iconic signboard of Surfers Paradise. I always prefer battered to breaded and this signature fish and chips really won our thumbs-up with its crispy batter without the oiliness.


Tips when travelling to Gold Coast

  • Just like any part of Australia, Gold Coast practises strict rules on the items that we can bring into their city. To save time at the custom, avoid bringing restricted items listed here.
  • Being a touristic city, Gold Coast indeed portrays a more welcoming aura as compared to its cosmopolitan sibling, Melbourne. Most likely, their people recognised us as tourists coming here for a short stay and are happy to treat us nicely and politely by greeting us "How are you?" everywhere we go. We may be shy Singaporeans but don't shy away from their kind hospitality. Return them a big smile or simply reply them "Good! Thank you!" will further enhance their impression of us!
  • It is easy to get around Gold Coast with their Tram and Bus network that is fairly user-friendly. If you expect lots of travelling done everyday, consider getting the Go Explore card that offers unlimited bus and tram travel with just AUD$10 each day. The only down side is that tram stations do not sell them and you can only get them at selected hotels or retailers. But topping up of day pass can be done at Tram stations. Check out here to know more about Go Explore card or where you can get them.


Now, where is my Ben's Fish & Chips?


Skechers GOwalk 3 ~ Review | Chapter 238

A love-hate relationship always exists between me and my shoes, or perhaps this is the case for every lady out there. Every now and then, a pair of glistering shoes catches your attention and after trying it on for a 3-redundant-minute, you decide that this is the pair for you.  Only to find out that it starts to 'bite' after that 3 minutes and it becomes highly possible that it will soon join your existing collection of shoes with the label "it's there but can't wear". To match design with comfort is easier said than done and most than often, I leave it to destiny.

In recent years, I tried my luck through online shopping but the outcome remains pretty much the same when it comes to shoes. The excitement when I first see something I like; the unbelievable affordability and the anticipation of receiving it; yet all these combined doesn't make up to the disappointment when the shoes once again prove how much damage and hurt it can cause to your feet.

The hunt of that perfect pair continues as I thought I should head back to real world shopping. Years ago, I used to be a loyal fan of Skechers but the memory of it blurred out as I became immersed with the digital shopping world. Last week, I proved my loyalty once again with my latest pair of their navy slip-on sneakers in the GOwalk 3 series. Enough of sore feet, I just want to walk like a breeze.

The Skechers store was packed with people like me who wish to find new confidence in their 'sole-mate' again. I was slightly overwhelmed by the vast amount of designs and choices and was lucky to be assisted by a young, patient lady who put up with my capriciousness. Torn between a few choices, I ended up choosing this pair of easy sneakers coated with a reliable tone of navy blue and white scratchy design.


Features Goga Plus+® Technology with high-rebound cushioning. Designed with Skechers Performance technology and materials specifically for athletic walking...

To read more about the science behind it in technical language, click here .

Simply put, the Skechers GOwalk 3 is meant to take athletic walking to the next level. I am no athlete but just a commoner tired of walking in pain and discomfort. It no doubt passed the 3-minute test as I slipped it on and hopped around the store but I was not fully convinced. I wore it out the next day and the result was incredible as my feet seem to nod with approval.  Furthermore, this pair belongs to the Hand Crafted Collection which up its notch in terms of comfort and wearability. 


 I like:

  • its slip-on design and how comfortable it is walking in it.
  • the bouncy feeling when you walk in it and the shoes seem to absorb all your weight. I think when they said “high-rebound cushioning”, this is what they meant.
  • that it is super light-weight.
  • that it doesn't bite at all (at least until now).
  • its casual yet trendy design.

But it could be better (for me) if:

  • it has a heightened sole ......... need I say more?
  • its sole is of a darker shade. Personal preference as I do think that white soles get dirty much faster which make the shoes look aged and worn sooner.
  • it is cheaper? So that I don't have to decide which pair to give up. :P

This pair is slightly more expensive in its series because of its handcrafted properties and retailed at SGD129. If you too, have a pair of "the-princess-and-the-pea" feet, this might be the one for you or perhaps your entire family. :D



Brussels & Amsterdam ~ 布鲁塞尔,阿姆斯特丹,最后 一站 (Part V) | Chapter 237

内心呐喊:上次说回来2个 月,现在是超过 3个月了,还没写完吗!?

嘿嘿,上个月,人家确实是忙了些 ,这一章确定能将旅程给述说完毕!


话说11天的欧洲游再过几天就会结束啦。在那之前,我们会路过比利时首都,布鲁塞 (Brussels),再前往最后一站荷兰首都, 阿姆斯特丹(Amsterdam)。

离开 巴黎前,却偏偏传来不好的消息。那时,正是布鲁塞机场遭到恐袭的时候。领队寻求大伙儿的意见,大家认为就看着办,走一步算一步。



来到Brussels Market Square,360°转一圈,都是带有辉煌感的古物。单看蓝天白云作为背景的这张,就可知当时的 天气有多好!冷冷的,却不失暖和的阳光。


街上随处都有店铺卖着热呼呼的 Belgium Waffle,价格没有太贵,选择也多。凉爽的天气下,什么都变得好吃!我说,来旅行有2种数字就暂时别看,一是钱包剩下多少钱,二是体重,要哭就回家才哭吧!我们试的这款松饼,上面添加了Nutella和奶油,单单听到这样的组合,感觉腰围就已经变粗了。。。。不过,真的是好吃,没得嫌,唯独嫌给的 叉子太迷你了,吃到几时呢?是我太急了,想一口吃掉吗,我想也是。。


多数旅客进到店铺买著名的Belgium Chocolate 做伴手礼时,多数不是买,比较像是收购。大家‘收购’完毕后,很快我们也就告别布鲁塞,前往荷兰了。

还没来欧洲前,我最期待的国家除了瑞士,就是荷兰 ,或者正确来说应该是尼德兰 (The Netherlands)。多数人习惯把尼德兰称做荷兰,其实不妥。目前,荷兰只是尼德兰中的一个省,或应该说2个省,为北荷兰,和南荷兰。



这天来到堪称世界最大花园之一 的Keukenhof,到处都是怡人的花草树木,让人心情很容易就瞬间变好。花园里,也有具代表性的风车!都已经回来这么久,看到这张照片,还是觉得太美了!


除了植物类,花园里有一亩草地,让一群小动物快乐地生活着(ok... 虽然我不知道它们是不是真的快乐,不过看起来是挺自在的)。有点惭愧,这也是我第一次近距离见到羊驼 (Alpaca),但我也听到人们叫它做Llama。Research 了一番后,我觉得应该较接近Alpaca。这看起来有点像骆驼,也有点像驴的动物,嘴里挂着一丝微笑,温顺得太可爱了!我凑上前想摸摸它像地毯一样的绒毛,它们一见有人靠近,就走开点,但也没有胆怯到落荒而逃。褐色的较胆小一点,躲在白色的身后。我想,羊驼真是太有修养了。如果看到人类接近,就立即闪人,不免会伤了我们人类的心,仿佛人类就是怎么惹人厌。但它只是慢慢地,subtly 地走开几步,不想做得太明显,但希望你catch 到它的hint。它们就是需要个人空间,我们人类可要尊重哦。






走着,看到街道旁卖着小吃,既然是靠海,海鲜的选项肯定不能少的。我们来到这家人群还ok的店,随便就点了个炸虾。随便点,随便吃,却也随便就这么好吃!海风把人吹得咸咸的,嘴里的虾更咸!现在就多了一项旅行时不能理会的数字 - 高血压数字。。


咀嚼着沾着酱料的虾子,这段旅程也逐渐告一段落。除了风车以外,我们没有机会多explore 阿姆斯特丹,所以没有太多让我留恋的东西。只记得城市里的交通是繁忙到让人恍神。第一天刚到阿姆斯特丹的城市,距离目的地只有5分钟的车程,却塞了1个小时。唉。。





第一站:Chapter 233 米兰,不敢爱 (Milan, Italy)

第二站:Chapter 234 瑞士,芝士,无法不爱 (Switzerland)

第三站:Chapter 235 德国Titisee,美好的路过 (Titisee, Germany)

第四站Chapter 236 法国巴黎,灰蒙蒙 (Paris, France)

第五站:You are now in Brussels, Amsterdam!

Paris & France ~ 法国巴黎,灰蒙蒙 (Part IV) | Chapter 236




短暂邂逅德国Titisee,我们来到法国巴黎。根据当地的导游说,巴黎的建筑都有统一颜色,楼高也不能超过某一层,感觉每一项建筑都是一样的。所以在巴士的兜转中,很快就让我迷失在古色古香的巴黎城市。巴黎第一天即是旅游团最喜欢包括的City Tour,让旅客短时间内走遍各个著名景点。


我们首先在世界最大的博物院The Louvre停下脚步。 单单在The Louvre的Courtyard溜达,就已经被它的宏伟外观给吓唬了。历经岁月的精致雕像围着博物院的墙上,永无止境地蔓延着,似乎是在守护着它雄伟不灭的气息。看似灰旧的外墙述说着深远的历史,更是让博物院流露出让人敬而远之的气魄。


从另一个角度看,就是相当著名的 The Louvre Pyramid,感觉像是X-men去到了古罗马,新旧交错,总之要撞击你的感官就是了。


接着就是经常在图片上看到但一直不知道它叫什么的Arc de Triomphe。巴黎处处都是古迹,或是一个大型的艺术博物馆,不论哪里,转个身都是数不尽的雕像。但除了雕像多,巴黎还有一样也挺多的,就是车辆。以前初院时读到的《望江南》,什么都不记得,就只记得“车如流水马如龙”一句,我想应该就是用来形容巴黎的交通吧。什么款式,什么size的,都有。


尽管巴黎的交通繁忙,车辆可说是挤得水泄不通,再加上,有些马路上并没有清楚的道路标记,每辆车子都往不同的方向开,下面一张照片就可以看得清楚。但奇妙的是,每一车都知道该怎么开,你让让我,我让让你,交通再乱,也难不倒他们!换做是我,我可能stress到弃车而逃。而且,由始至终,一声Car Horn都没听过,是法国人都不在车上安装喇叭吗?要不,就是太有礼貌了啦。


没有拍以下照片,就像是没来过巴黎,Eiffel Tower 是不能少的咯!第一次看到埃菲尔铁塔,感觉是那种“终于见到你了”。屹立在这样一个古物盛多的城市里,以钢铁所建成的埃菲尔铁塔呈现的是镂空结构设计,不免过于现代而多少有点格格不入。但古铜色的外形却又和周边的建筑一气呵成,还有围在铁塔脚底下,被削成平头的枯树群,整个景象看起来壮丽非凡。


如果旅程中有机会让我乘坐船,绝对会让我的开心指数上升。最好是豪华邮轮,如果没有,游船河也不错啦 !


Seine River Cruise 让人轻松地欣赏巴黎的景色,不用费力气走动,沿途也可以尽情拍下无遮挡的风景。巴黎天色多数是阴阴的,太阳没戏唱,灰蒙蒙地让空气更是冷飕飕。船的底层是室内的座位,第二层是露天的座位,要看到无遮挡的景色,当然得要在第二层。Seine River Cruise 全程约1小时,接近尾声的时候,我们被冷风吹得受不了了,跑到底层躲去。底层越来越多人,想必也和我们一样,想“避避风头”。


从船上,当然也可以观赏 Eiffel Tower,再多看几眼吧,人生没几回,下一次也不知是何时了。




 我 ok 不 ok ? 看就知道。。。。。不是太ok 。。。但还是可以强颜欢笑一下下。


去Montmarte之前,领队提到这一带较“猖狂”,要我们小心钱包,也注意安全。走过一条人挤人的街道,还有人拿了几个杯,就叫人买定离手,而且同时还有好几摊。多谢领队的好意,让我们乘坐电梯上到Artist Village,剩下爬楼梯的力气。

是不是真的艺术家我也不清楚,但Artist Village真的有很多artists。他们手里拿着绘图板,只要你点个头,他们随时都准备好以几笔把你画下来。所以,如果没有意思要他们浪费纸张,头不要乱点,微笑带过就好。



在离开之前,先来张合照。原来我和大肚扬的高度那么match 啊!真是perfect!不过,请不要往下scroll 。。。。eh,你做莫?




在 Galeries Lafayette 逛了好一阵子,想找间Cafe歇一歇。歇一歇是没问题,但请一定要点餐,而且不能4人share一盘,4人起码要点3样食品。巴黎的cafe也许不希望我们只点杯水就坐到天亮。刚才吃过午餐不久,每想到怎么快又要被逼着吃,感觉很撑,也很新奇。但东西是蛮好吃啦。

53-galeries lafayette


还没去法国前,不止一次听说法国人一般高傲些,你不先“Bonjour”,他是不会理睬你的。这次逗留了2天,比我们想像中好,尤其是在Galeries Lafayette还碰到格外友善的法国店员。还没去过法国的朋友,和你分享小贴士:

1。开头“Bonjour”,结尾 “Merci”, 就不会错啦。都说了法国朋友热爱自己的语言文化,你先配合他,他自然比较愿意友善。

2。在Galeries Lafayette购物时,几乎每一个柜台都有一名华人店员站岗,英语不流利的朋友也不用担心。但会说英语的朋友,请千万要好好运用你的“exclusive right”!因为,中国旅行团到访的时候,可是一大票人,但华人店员始终只有一位。如果你会以英语沟通,就不需要排队等华人店员协助你。

当天在Galeries Lafayette里的Longchamp店铺晃来晃去,想买个不贵的包包当做纪念。后来我选了应该是整间店里最便宜的包包,包包吊在最靠近门口的位置,连摆在架子上的机会都没有,可见它的价值一般。当时,里面至少10几20位中国朋友,华人店员忙着招呼他们已不可开交。大肚扬留意到后端有一位法国店员这时挺闲的,毕竟他无法协助语言不通的客户。大肚扬一声“Bonjour”成功地捉住了他的注意,之后不到5分钟就交易完毕。所以,不要吝啬于说出“Bonjour”和“Merci”!




第一站:Chapter 233 米兰,不敢爱 (Milan, Italy)

第二站:Chapter 234 瑞士,芝士,无法不爱 (Switzerland)

第三站:Chapter 235 德国Titisee,美好的路过 (Titisee, Germany)

第四站 You are now in Paris!

第五站:Chapter 237 布鲁塞尔,阿姆斯特丹,最后 一站 (Brussels & Amsterdam)

Germany ~ 德国Titisee,美好的路过 (Part III) | Chapter 235

今天一早,我们即将离开瑞士,前往法国,途中会短暂路过德国,Titisee。在彻底离开瑞士前,我们先在据说是欧洲最大的瀑布Rhine Falls逗留片刻。


虽然乍看之下,瀑布也没有很高,但对于只见过Jurong Bird Park 人工瀑布的我,这样的全自然景象已是一大惊叹了!

可惜,照片好像始终都无法完美地捕捉Rhine Falls的宏伟。


 Zoom in 一点,如何?好一点,但感觉还是辜负了Rhine Falls。








中午到了Titisee,脚步像旋风的领队带着我们一行人,沿途走了10分钟,来到街道尾处的一间餐厅。今天午餐包括在内,说是来到这,就要吃著名的德国猪肘(Pork Knuckles) 和黑森林蛋糕(Black Forest Cake)。




用完主菜后,餐厅让我们试喝Ice Wine。都说是试喝,所以只有一小口。喝不够,请到柜台自行购买吧!我不懂得品尝酒,口味像儿童的我只尝得出明显的苦涩味,什么Undertones,texture 的,完全体会不出。但这Ice Wine却是甜滋滋的,不会太苦,相当适合我肤浅的味蕾。




午餐后,我们到了餐馆隔壁的店铺,那里不仅有不同国际品牌的商品,主要也售卖多种外形奇特的杜鹃钟 (Cuckoo clock)。工作人员向我们介绍了杜鹃钟走过的历史,和制作过程。






有小街,有湖水,还不够呢。再给你几只看起来很乐的鸭子! 这画面,画龙点睛,完美啦!


丑小鸭并不丑,其实还挺可爱的,而且鸭肉也很好吃!ok, 没有link! 鸭子们应该feel到我的不怀好意,不给我机会靠近,轻轻拍着鸭掌,越游越远。







第一站:Chapter 233 米兰,不敢爱 (Milan, Italy)

第二站:Chapter 234 瑞士,芝士,无法不爱 (Switzerland)

第三站:You are now in Titisee, Germany

第四站:Chapter 236 法国巴黎,灰蒙蒙 (Paris, France)

第五站:Chapter 237 布鲁塞尔,阿姆斯特丹,最后 一站 (Brussels & Amsterdam)

Switzerland ~ 瑞士,芝士,无法不爱 (Part II) | Chapter 234

道别了米兰,我们来到了瑞士。旅程开始前,我最向往的就是瑞士。感觉瑞士就是有无止境的雪山,让人不禁好奇,这些一栋栋依偎在山上的小屋子,头上顶着白雪帽,如果有客人想拜访,到底要怎么上去呢?还有,地址会是什么呢?难道是 “瑞士,XX镇,第二高雪山,半山腰,某间红屋蓝顶”?



在瑞士的第一站,就已经被瑞士的美迷得神魂颠倒。靠着湖边的小镇风情,我最爱了!Lake Lugano, 处在瑞士与意大利边境的湖,被小山所围绕,宁静气息贯穿始终。一条条木制的码头步道,长度短短的,只供小船使用,不需要用‘大’来吓唬人,却是有平易近人的魅力。





 湖的对面就是充满异国风情的小镇,可惜时间被盯得紧紧的我们,根本没有机会体验它的美丽与悠闲。我心想,bobian 逼我再来一次啦,真的有下一次,肯定是自由行,我要自由!


撇开不舍的心情,我尽量期待下一个地点。但前往的是位于Mendrisio 的 Foxtown Factory Stores,就是要你shop 到够,这,倒没有high 到我。毕竟我的钱包内容有限,名牌货我也不懂得欣赏,还是看山看水,吃吃喝喝让我更舒坦。一下车,领队就说啦 “Prada, Prada, 有谁要去Prada吗?” 19人的队伍顿时分成两派,15对4。为了掩饰我们‘独特的光芒’,我们让结果变成19对0,大伙儿开始跟着领队走,走不到几步,尾随的我们掉头就往别处去了。。:P




 团友们纷纷大包小包,左手Prada,右手Michael Kors。我和大肚扬怎么那么闲啊?两袖清风,至少来杯Gelato 吧。




 离开Foxtown 已是中午,坐上巴士,我们往下一站驶去,Lucerne Old Town。从Old Chapel Bridge上望出,又是一个美丽的小城故事。以前喜欢买1000片的拼图,拼图上的不就是这样的一种景色吗?古色古香的建筑,靠着小河流的店铺与Cafes, 还有一艘小舢舨!悠闲到不可思议!


 老镇里小巷多,拐来拐去的,但难不倒方向感不错的我。领队介绍了隐藏在后巷的泰国小餐馆 Phanat-Thai,店里员工都是泰国人,味道肯定够道地。都说了欧洲几乎找不到便宜的食物,随便一盘泰式炒饭就得要约20欧元耶。但旅行的时候就是这样,再离谱的价格也吓不着我们,感觉手里的钱好像不是钱,花了也不太心疼。只要事后不去回想就没事。










几个小时的路程,我们终于到了 Kleine Schiedegg!雪山上可不是空荡荡的,这里应有尽有,人潮也挺多的。刚才就暗示说我穿得厚厚的后悔死,不是说雪山吗,怎么这么热啊!!
雪山是没错啦,但雪山上的大太阳可不是盖的leh, 太阳的热度真的不比新加坡逊色。加上蓝天不一定会配白云,没有了云层,阳光可是直接吻在你脸上。雪山上的空气还是冷的,但在强烈的阳光下,显得格外削弱。我的transitions lens 也是黑到极限了。另外,说是玩雪橇,但玩之前总得先往上爬,有了某一定的倾斜度和长度才能往下滑。往上爬还真是费力气,还得拖着雪橇,辛苦一点,爬高一点,就能滑久一点。但再好玩,也只是几秒种的事。大伙儿开始时,兴致勃勃。不久后,大家热得不行了,帽子,手套,能脱的全脱了。大肚扬更妙了,在雪山上竟然满头大汗!!玩雪橇的团友们也越来越少,想必力气已全部耗尽。






很累的我们也时候补充精力。Kleine Schiedegg上的餐馆有好几间。欧洲人就是喜欢阳光,坐在户外享受一些美食真的不错。但已经热昏的我们还是选择躲进室内,但室内室外的menu不同,如果想吃小吃类,像是香肠什么的,在户外,室内属正餐。

Rostizerria Restaurant餐厅环境舒适,服务人员也挺友善。我们说是新加坡人,服务人员说 "oh then your English is good!" 呵呵,过奖过奖!




离开了Kleine Schiedegg,我们回到Interlaken。晚餐前,我们先在Migros Restaurant休息一下。Migros Restaurant和我们熟悉的Marche类似,所有的食物饮料,顾客自助,再到柜台付钱。瑞士人真的挺nice的,自助服务,吃完了再自行清理,为己为人,很适合我leh!我在Migros Restaurant感到很自在,不管是自己冲咖啡,还是拿块蛋糕,都有清楚的指示,什么饮料用什么杯子,全都有显示,一目了然。让第一次到访的我们,不会感觉太慌张。瑞士,真的适合我!


转眼,该吃晚餐了。Bebbis Restaurant 就在Migros Restaurant附近,当然跟着旅行团就是有些局限,如果不是晚餐已包括在内,我一定会在让我心情舒适的Migros Restaurant吃。不过,晚餐吃的是瑞士经典的芝士锅,还是不可以错过。


这 Cheese Fondue 的 Cheese 浓稠且香味四溢,微带酒味,好吃!但就是面包不合我口味,冷冷的,带有点苦涩的棕色面包,在滚着热泡的芝士里转个几圈,棕色面包变成奶白色,一口吃下还是不错的。或许这是传统瑞士的吃法?我还是喜欢我的白面包,如果稍微烘一下,再配着这锅Cheese,人生就完美啦。还要6个成人share这不到半锅的Cheese,根本不够。不漂亮。。不漂亮。。。


再来还有热油锅(不是地下18层的那一个),把一片片可怜的肉插起来,放下油锅里煮熟,很简单,味道也简单,想必肉片是原汁原味,没有任何腌料。不知道是不是自己的厨艺日益增强,还会嫌别人的肉片不好吃,不过,在这里是吃气氛,吃感觉,这么一想就ok 啦。






我说,出国旅行,我们就是客,应该跟着主人的习惯走,不应该把自家的习惯带过去,要主人迎合我们。在不熟悉的场合,可以尽量看看当地人是怎么做,我们也可以边看边学。主人看我们入乡随俗,会容易接纳我们,旅行的日子就变得轻松又美好了!好像,我们站Escalator 是站左边,别人可是站右边,虽然说是小事,但如果我们只管自己的pattern,就容易造成别人对自己的误会,认为我们‘挡路’什么的。自己的pattern就等到回自己的国家再出吧。






第一站:Chapter 233 米兰,不敢爱 (Milan, Italy)

第二站:You are now in Switzerland

第三站:Chapter 235 德国Titisee,美好的路过 (Titisee, Germany)

第四站:Chapter 236 法国巴黎,灰蒙蒙 (Paris, France)

第五站:Chapter 237 布鲁塞尔,阿姆斯特丹,最后 一站 (Brussels & Amsterdam)


Milan, Italy ~ 米兰,不敢爱 (Part I) | Chapter 233

11天的旅程结束了!这趟旅行让我们游了中欧6个国家,可想,每个地方就只能短暂 see see look look 一下而已。曾经参加过旅游团,知道行程多数是满满的,但这次有两位老人家随行,旅游团还是较佳的选择。不过,这次的旅行仍是最累人的一次。每早,几乎5点30分就得起床,是旅游还是受训有时真的会混淆。梳洗后就得赶紧把握时间整理行李,毕竟我们不会在同一间酒店待超过2晚。所谓,live out of a suitcase 应该就是这样吧。。





由不得我们,行程马不停蹄地开始了!一早就来到了Castello Sforzesco,由Francesco Sforza 在15世纪所建成的古堡。想像中,古堡就要搭配灰蒙蒙的天空,乌云笼罩,给人一点神秘且诡异的失落感。眼前这座古堡显然就不是这么一回事!正在享受日光浴的古堡,有蔚蓝的天空做撑腰,没有一丝的白云威胁着温暖的阳光,哪来的郁闷,哪来的诡异?

虽然和我期待的古堡有许多出入(我期待的是屹立在高山悬崖上,扑朔迷离的古堡),但Castello Sforzesco 的雄伟还是令我挺心广神怡的。当然,凉爽的天气也是重点。


 难得大肚扬把我拍得很不错,看起来感觉有1.72米,脸不太大,发丝飘逸,还有绿光伴随!我喜欢leh ! 给他加分!



中午来到Duomo di Milano, 真是人潮汹涌,教堂的宏伟已激发不了我。我们一行人因jet-lag, 走起路还有些飘逸感,差点就目光呆滞,干脆在咖啡厅歇歇。 来到这间叫做 La Rinascente 的 cafe,我们点了一份三明治,和一杯热巧克力 (Cioccolata Calda)。

如果三明治的种类太多,我想经典的Ham & Cheese 是绝对错不了的。三明治以类似报纸的纸张包着,让你体验复古的风情,还让你不弄脏手,贴心哦。与其在面包中间塞一片厚厚的火腿,不如将它削成薄薄的,让食客吃到一层层的火腿,口感立即就提升啦!在加上微微融化的Cheese和轻烤过的面包,就是一份简单的幸福。


至于这杯热巧克力呢,我们就真的不懂得欣赏了。它浓稠得几乎让我吞不下,就如在喝Chocolate fondue。意大利的热巧克力都是这样的吗?知道的朋友可要和我分享一下。



~ 不需要期待意大利人对旅客友善,即使是服务人员,英文也不一定流利,不懂你说什么,肯应你已经算不错。

~ 和许多欧洲国家一样,在咖啡厅喝咖啡价格也有不同。在柜台即点即喝,不找位子坐,价格便宜一点。如果想找位子坐,chill 一下,让态度不算好的服务员帮你点餐,价格贵一点。

~ 人多事就多。一般旅游景点除了扒手多,也会有一些人卖着有的没的。会迷踪步是再好不过,如果不会,最好的办法是回避眼神交流,脸上带有微笑表示无敌意,脚步加快远离他们。当然  身手敏捷一点,自然也会安全一点。




第一站:You are now in Milan, Italy

第二站:Chapter 234 瑞士,芝士,无法不爱 (Switzerland)

第三站:Chapter 235 德国Titisee,美好的路过 (Titisee, Germany)

第四站:Chapter 236 法国巴黎,灰蒙蒙 (Paris, France)

第五站:Chapter 237 布鲁塞尔,阿姆斯特丹,最后 一站 (Brussels & Amsterdam)